DL-ZRL081 Fuel Cell Teaching Experiment Platform


The DL-ZRL081 Fuel Cell Teaching Experiment Platform is equipped with metal hydride hydrogen bottle and fuel cell controller and DC linear load; self-priming PEM fuel cell stack,  DC inductive load, AC linear load and test instrumentation.

In fact, proton exchange membrane fuel cell is a type of electrochemical reaction in which; the hydrogen fuel acts as a reducing agent and oxygen as an oxidizing agent.

Actually, it is an effective generation device that turn chemical energy into electrical energy power directly. And, the fuel cell can act as the power source of the vehicle or the power station.

Specifically, if you compare it with the internal combustion engine; you may consider the low environmental pollution and also the high energy conversion efficiency as the most prominent advantages.

As mentioned earlier, the Dolang DL-ZRL081 Fuel Cell Teaching Experiment Platform offers many convincing advantages and features that distinguish this product. Also, you may find its technical parameters as follows.

Technical Parameters of DL-ZRL081

  • DC/DC power module (12V) Convert output fluctuations DC current of the fuel cell to 12V DC
  • Fuel cell controller control the fuel cell fan speed and timing exhaust
  • DC/DC power module (9V) Instrument power supply

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