DLXNY-FN01 Wind and Solar Power Generation Training System


The wind power generation training system is made up of different components including:

  • Display module
  • Wind turbine
  • Auxiliary data monitoring
  • Solar simulation system
  • AC multi-function meter head
  • Aerovane
  • DC voltage meter head
  • Adjustable speed blower
  • AC load and DC load
  • Charge controller
  • Off-grid inverters
  • Batteries

The state-of-the-art Dolang’s training system offers and extensive range of application workloads such as smartphone charger, lighting, AC fans, DC fans and street lighting.

The unit is equipped with a distinctive PC data acquisition interface by which the following list can be displayed in real time on PC:

  • Power
  • The environmental temperature and humidity
  • Voltage
  • Wind direction
  • Wind speed
  • Generator output current
  • Speed generator

The Wind driven generator power is 400 Watt and the startup wind speed is 2.3 meters per second.

The Anemometer is provided with communication port for PC, less speed alarm, over speed alarm and LCD display wind speed.

Its wind speed direction starts with zero and goes to 60 meters per second. The wind direction also starts from zero and goes to 360 degrees and the precision is 0.3M/S3°.

The temperature range for the air temperature and humidity sensor starts from -40℃ and goes to +80℃.

It should be noted that the renewable energy training system offers solar cell module as an optional feature.



Starting Wind Speed: 2.3m/s



0 to 60 M/S

0 to 360°


50Hz, AC220V, DC12V optional

liquid crystal display, over wind speed alarm, under wind speed alarm

0.1℃ (16 bits)

-40℃ to +80℃

0.1% RH (16 bits)

3% RH (25 ℃), 5% RH (0 to 50℃)


1275Pa to 2138Pa


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