DLYY-CY1 Electro Hydraulic Process & Punch Trainer


Firstly, the whole system of DLYY-CY1 Electro Hydraulic Process & Punch Trainer has PLC signal transfer module, hydraulic system; robot transfer mechanism, belt mechanism and aluminum panel.

In fact, the Dolang DLYY-CY1 Electro Hydraulic Process & Punch Trainer is a type of training system; which is able to simulate industrial site process environment to handling, transport materials.

In addition, the DLYY-CY1 Training System uses different sensors to detect the the position of the hydraulic cylinder and the materials.

Moreover, the DLYY-CY1 Electro Hydraulic Trainer offers a wide range of training programs which distinguish this quality product.

DLYY-CY1 Scope of Learning

Training on:

  • System maintenance and trouble shooting
  • Mechanical system installation and debugging
  • PLC application
  • Hydraulic application
  • Punch machining
  • Automatic feeding control
  • Automatic detecting application

As mentioned earlier, the DLYY-CY1 Training System offers many convincing advantages and features; that distinguish this product. Also, you may find its technical parameters as follows.

Technical Parameters

  •  Capacity: < 100VA
  • Input power: DC 24V
  • Total dimension: 480 x 310 x 305mm

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