DS3 Dodecahedron Speaker Set


The DS3 Dodecahedron Speaker Set is a powerful omnidirectional sound source; which has measurement applications in building and room acoustics. Also, thanks to the remote-controlled PA3 Power Amplifier, the DS3 Speaker Set is an ideal choice for professionals.

In fact, the optimized frequency response guarantees accurate measurement in conformity with ISO 3382 and ISO 16283 standards.

In brief, NTi Audio DS3 Speaker Set offers the following distinctive advantages:

  • PA3 Power Amplifier
  • Swiss Quality
  • Acoustically flat frequency response
  • Wireless remote control
  • Sound power level 120.5 dB

The DS3 Dodecahedron Speaker Set consists of PA3 Power Amplifier and DS3 Dodecahedron Loudspeaker. Actually, professionals can use this measuring equipment in their daily measuring tasks in building and room acoustics.

Indeed, unique precision, optimized design, flexible operation and low weight have made the DS3 Set to be a reference in the marketplace. In addition, DS3 Dodecahedron Loudspeaker is manufactured using 12 specially-developed dynamic drivers; which guarantee a uniform emission of acoustical test signal.

Besides, PA3 Power Amplifier provides an an equalized pink noise to DS3 Speaker Set. Actually, the combination of DS3 Set and PA3 Amplifier generates an acoustically-flat pink noise under free-field conditions.

DS3 Dodecahedron Speaker

The DS3 Speaker is lightweight yet provides maximum performance and long-term stability. Since DS3 Speaker has a typical sound power level of 120.5 dB and weighs only 7.5 kg; it is the most useful for use on site. Also, dynamic driver frames having high performance are made of solid aluminum; which leads to hours of level stability and efficient heat dissipation.

Besides, the rugged protective grilles prevent the membranes from damages that can be made under tough working conditions. Indeed, if you use DS3 Set as a reference sound source; you will have precise measurement results.

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