E-FRM-DC Reference Particulate Sampler


The improved and novel E-FRM-DC Reference Particulate Sampler is a single-event filter sampler for determining the daily concentration of PM10 and PM2.5 in the ambient air.

Furthermore, the Met One Instruments E-FRM-DC offers unique features and an innovative design; which provides you a simple yet versatile and reliable platform for your ambient air sampling needs.

In fact, the versatile Met one E-FRM-DC is used for portable or fixed ambient particulate sampling applications. Also, the easy setup and deployment let you to use the E-FRM-DC Sampler as an audit sampler for frequent relocation; or permanent long-term sampling at a fixed site.

In addition, you may configure this up-to-the-minute Particulate Sampler for PM10 and PM2.5. Also, using optional accessories, you may configure it for PM1 and TSP as well.

To illustrate, the E-FRM-DC Reference Particulate Sampler is the premier and actually the best single event sampler in the industry of particulate collection.

Actually, the E-FRM-DC is ideal for Industrial Monitoring, Environmental Monitoring and Perimeter Sampling. The E-FRM-DC Sampler offers a full-color 4.3″ graphical touchscreen user interface which used an intuitive control.

In fact, we have designed this easy-to-use and innovative touchscreen to specifically satisfy the recommendations of instrumentation operators.

Besides, you may easily download and transport data using your filter on a USB drive or retrieve it via any MODBUS compatible data acquisition system.

Moreover, the E-FRM-DC Particulate Sampler offers a lot of convincing features and benefits that distinguish this quality product.

Features of E-FRM-DC

  • Manufactured and supported in the United States at out ISO-9001 certified facilities
  • Meets all current EPA PM2.5 Federal Reference Method specifications
  • Compatible with the VSCCTM cyclone or the classic WINS Impactor for PM2.5 sampling
  • Fit in with one EPA PM2.5 reference method 47mm sample filter cassette

Equally important, the E-FRM-DC offers a large number of applications such as Regulatory Enforcement, Remote Sampling Applications; Perimeter Sampling, Audit Sampling, Health Studies and Criteria PM Sampling.

At last, Felixtrument supplies a complete range of innovative dust monitors and direct reading instruments for monitoring particulates for environmental monitoring, workplace exposure and personal exposure which covers an extensive range of sophisticated ambient monitor for 24 hour sampling.

Therefore, if you are in need of any Environmental Sampling or Particulate Monitors instruments; you may browse through our various Particulate Monitoring & Sampling devices to find the one which best suits your needs.

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