Easydur Bogie Testing Stand: Compression Tests on Railway Bogies


Easydur Bogie Testing Stand makes it possible for you to test all kinds of railway bogies including Cargo trains, Passenger trains, Trams, Metros and Subways.

Easydur Bogie Testing Stand is an advanced machine in compression test on bogies. that’s why it makes it possible for the operator to simulate real-life forces and weights of all kinds of vehicles with maximum accuracy.

Based on 100% internal mechanical drawings, and thanks to Easydur homemade design, using Easydur Bogie Testing Stand, you are able to do not only testing, but also all operations of maintenance  on railway bogies very easily.

Moreover, for almost all of the Easydur Testing Equipment, there’s a possibility to design and manufacture other optional tools that can be integrated in the testing machine for all measurement and testing needs.

Easydur Railway Bogie Test Bench is supplied with two electromechanical and hydraulic pressers, which can be equipped optional chasse test able to measure lateral stiffness. Furthermore, Easydur can realize a pit version or an over floor version of this Railway Bogie Test Bench, upon request.

Key Features of Easydur Bogie Testing Stand

  • Measuring of wheel diameters (automatic or manual)
  • Measuring of axle impedance
  • Leakage of air-brake system and pneumatic springs
  • Axle angle
  • Wheel distance measuring
  • Wheels movements under load
  • Diagonal axle distance
  • Detection of tilting angle
  • Wheels profile
  • Bogie weight
  • Optional chasse
  • Spring profile analysis
  • Interfaceable wheel profiles & diameters measurement
  • Automatic movements of the pressers along the crossbar (X-axis)

Technical Specifications

Depth/Width/Height 6000/5000/4000 mm
Electric Axle Max Stroke 500 mm
Presser Center Distance from 1200 to 3000 mm
Working Test Width 4000 mm
Working Test Height 2000 mm
Max Load 15 + 15 / 20 + 20 T
Minimum Division 0.005 mm
Chasse Offset 50+50 mm
Data Acquisition Speed 1000 Hz
Minimum Division 0.6 Kg

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