Easydur Dynamic Testing Machine

Easydur Dynamic Testing Machine

Easydur Dynamic Testing Machine is one the Easydur‘s dynamics solutions.

  • Hydraulic cylinder with servo-valve: F maximum < 500,000 N
  • Pneumatic cylinder: F maximum < 1000 N

Novel Electromechanical Solution (Direct-Drive)

  • Direct-drive with ball screw & torque motor: F maximum <500,000 N
  • Direct-drive linear motor: F maximum < 10,000 N

Main Pluses of the Direct-Drive Solution

  • Energy Savings high Efficiency& thanks to the Direct-Drive (No Crank System)
  • No Backlash / High Accuracy due to ball screws – based on Ball Guide Line Systems
  • Noise Abatement: No Moving Part Vibrations
  • Brake Energy Regeneration & Energy Recovery System through Condensers reduces energy consumption by 90%
  • “Easydur EASY-DYNAMICS Software” for the setup of Automatic Stroke Adjustment


Control System and Software

Easydur’s Easy-Dynamics Software is based on Windows 10 on a Beckhoff Hardware Platform which is a PLC-typical Real-Time System (TwinCAT) merged with Windows universality and versatility.

Steps of the Easy-Dynamics Software

  • Operator creates the Test Program which is completely customizable (Pre-processing).
    This includes:
  • All of the operations which are going to be done during the test run.
  • All of the Result & Conditions via the selection of Movement, Force, Acquisition Time and Speed & Frequency Parameters.
  • Processing: Test Run.
  • Once the test is complete, all desired values and charts are shown on the PC screen. All results may be exported to PDF template or XML format (Post-Processing).

Novel Technologies

Pneumatic Cylinder

The pneumatic cylinder solution is perfect for fatigue testing of low-load springs, in clean environments in which there’s little space, and when pneumatic air supply is enough. The low-friction cylinder (metal seal) which has an extra-compact positioning system is integrated into the cylinder rod directly.

Hydraulic Cylinder


The servo valve controlled hydraulic cylinder solution is an standard technology in dynamic fatigue testing of springs. However, high performance can be achieved with spending more money and high energy! It also needs the installation of a hydraulic power pack which brings the problems of oil leakage and space.


Direct-Drive Linear Motor


Our Direct-Drive linear motor makes it possible to have high accelerations and high speed and for low loads:

  • F max < 10,000 N
  • A max = 80 m/s/s (8G)
  • V max = 2.5 m/s

Note: With increasing force and decreasing acceleration/speed, a precise technical evaluation is needed at all times.

Direct-Drive Ball Screw

Easydur Dynamic Testing Machine is based on Direct-Drive Ball Screws, which makes it possible to have cost saving high spring fatigue testing loads together with remarkable dynamic performance in terms of speed/acceleration compared to standard hydraulic solutions.


  • F max < 5000,000 N
  • A max = 20 m/s/s (2G)
  • V max = 0.5 m/s

Note: With increasing force and decreasing acceleration/speed, a precise technical evaluation is needed at all times.


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