Easydur Benchtop Torque Testing Machine – TMF

Easydur Benchtop Torque Testing Machine - TMF

The Easydur Benchtop Torque Testing Machine (TMF) is provided with a strongly and solidly built industrial touch screen computer for composition and launch of test recipes.

The Easydur Benchtop Torque Testing Machine TMF which’s presented here is the freestanding bench one (benchtop), but it is also available in a self-bearing configuration, characterized by larger size and ability to exert higher loads on the samples to be tested.

Simple Use

As soon as you create the test recipes, you can simply launch the test with a “start” command. The Easydur Digital Torque Meter can be can be provided with 1, 2 or 3 load cells, installed on a revolving turret and selectable via the software.

Simple Programming

This Easydur Benchtop Torque Meter can be used in either automatic, semi-automatic or manual mode. Easydur has developed a multilingual software called “EasyQS” for doing the programming. It can be run on Windows 10, and makes it possible for you to create and export charts and statistics.

Features of Easydur Benchtop Torque Meter

  • Suitable for doing torque test on springs, bars, wires, and various elastic elements
  • Ideal for carrying out breaking test on plastic or steel, with modulus of elasticity calculation
  • Media, sigma, Gaussian curves, CP, CPK
  • Automatic reset
  • Direct graphic reading
  • Spring hysteresis measurement
  • 3D diagrams (angle/torque/time)
  • Programmable measurement units
  • Interface for external data acquisition from gauges
  • Electronic handle for manual displacements – with 0.1° precision
  • Program for free angles, positions and forces, cyclic tests, stress, fatigue, break.
  • Integrated compact industrial computer, HD touch screen, USB port and integrated network card

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