ELOPREP 102 Polishing and Etching Machine


The ELOPREP 102 Polishing and Etching Machine is an automatic electrolytic polishing and etching system which has an independent control unit. In fact, compared to traditional mechanical preparation; shorter preparation time is needed for electrolytic polishing and etching process.

To illustrate, the ELOPREP 102 Polishing and Etching Equipment has advanced software and techniques. Also, it has programmable colored HMI touch screen controls; which increases sample consistency, operator comfort and productivity.

Moreover, regarding the speeds; you may monitor all of them during the process. Also, the speed of the amount to be pumped is variable as well.

Furthermore, a library of 25 cutting programs with related specimen number or name can be saved with all parameters (can be recalled whenever you want).

Of course, the ELOPREP 102 Electrolytic Polishing & Etching System has two separate units: the polishing unit and the control unit. Indeed, you may place the etching and polishing unit away from the control unit. Also, you may install it under a fume extraction system. Besides, the electrolyte cartridge is simply exchangeable and cab be inserted in the etching and polishing unit .

In addition, using the canning function of Metkon Eloprep 102; correct voltage of polishing and etching will be automatically defined.

To emphasize, you may place the sample on the etching and polishing table where optional masks are available as 5 cm2 and 0.5 cm2.

Truly, the ELOPREP 102 Polishing and Etching Machine offers the highest safety standards. In fact, as the set temperature is reached; the cooling water is automatically switched on. Actually, a solenoid valve activates the cooling water.

Equally important, the Eloprep 102 offers a wide range of features and convincing advantages that distinguish this quality product.

Features of Eloprep 102

  • Fully Automatic Operation Cycle
  • External Etching Unit
  • Automatic Determination of Voltage
  • Exchangeable Electrolyte Container
  • Dual Polishing & Etching Units
  • 7” HMI Touch Screen Controls
  • Temperature limiter (C) – 30-50
  • External etching volume (ml) – 1200ml
  • Electrolytic container volume (ml) – 1000ml
  • Integrated cooling system
  • 25 program memory

At last, the ELOPREP 102 Polishing and Etching Equipment is suitable for both low temperature and normal electrolytic polishing. Also, the unit includes 1 pc. of stainless steel cathode.

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