Extreme Test Conditions Chambers – 40C180V Series


What does this Extreme Test Conditions Chamber do?

40C180V Series of chambers are a confined space in which you’re able to control temperature and humidity. The robust quality construction and innovative technology of this extreme test conditions chamber can serve a variety of industries including:

  • Electronic components
  • Metallurgy
  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Military

Extreme Test Conditions Chamber sizes varying from small benchtop chambers to test small components, to maximum full size chambers (chambers large enough to accommodate a semi-trailer truck and trailer).

What is Extreme Test Conditions Chamber for?

The name “environmental chamber tests” is widely used to describe different ways of simulating the environment when exposed to excessive environmental conditions of a product or material, produced in the laboratory or the products we use in our everyday life in a controlled and accelerated way; that’s why 40C180V Series of chambers are ideal for research and development of studies, quality control, production facilities and laboratory tests.

  • Optional lamps which are able to be dimmed
  • Easily programmable for the various simulation tests
  • Temperature range: Min: -40°C (-40°F), Max: +180 °C (356°F)
  • Humidity range: 10% to 98%
  • Volume: Min: 25 liters (6.6 gal), Max: 1500 liters (396.2 gal)

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