Stationary Gas Analyzer SWG 300-1


The multi-component Gas Analyzer SWG 300-1 is a compact and complete analysis system which uses an innovative gas analysis technology for emission monitoring Process gas optimization.

Moreover, the stationary gas analyzer SWG 300 is a modular analytical system for official high-precision monitoring of toxic gas emissions into the atmosphere from sources of constant atmospheric pollution; including large boiler plants, thermal power plants, gas pumping stations, and industrial enterprises.

In addition, the SWG 300 gas analyzer can use infrared (NDIR) modules, as well as paramagnetic, zirconium sensors and thermocatalytic converters of NO2 to NO.

Equally important, the MRU Instruments SWG 300-1 complete analyzing system offers many features and advantages that make it the right system for every application.   

Features of SWG 300-1

  • Compliance level performance
  • Sampling probes for high dust installations or high temperature
  • Weather proof, rack, Ex Zone 2
  • Dual and single heated sample lines
  • Lockable enclosures, easy access
  • Gas conditioning systems with heated acid mist catch
  • PC data visualization software
  • 19 inches rack main control unit
  • 8 analog and RS485 Modbus outputs
  • Multi-stack sampling with manual or auto sequential switching
  • Automatic zero and automatic calibration
  • The device allows for official monitoring at several sampling points (from 1 to 5)
  • Measurements: O2 / CO / NO / NO2 / SO2 / CO2 / NOx

In brief, the continuous emission monitoring system SWG 300 offers the following convincing benefits:

  • Easy maintenance and service
  • High reliability and accuracy
  • Available in weather-proof, standard and Ex enclosures
  • Using complete gas sample conditioning system
  • Dry extractive for the toughest applications

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