Grinding and Cutting Machine GEOFORM 102

Grinding and Cutting Machine GEOFORM 102

The preparation of thin samples requires high-precision know-how and equipment. The Grinding and Cutting Machine GEOFORM 102 is a benchtop petrographic sample preparation instrument that can cut and grind up to 30 microns or less depending on the hardness of the material; because mineralogical specimens generally contain hard and soft phases.

In fact, the GEOFORM 102 has two functions: cutting and grinding. On the cutting module, the sample is fixed on a support and can be cut to a thickness of around 0.5 mm. Besides, water cooling prevents deformation during cutting.

The grinding module is designed for high precision results. A vacuum pump, delivered as standard, keeps the glass slide fixed on the support during the grinding process. In addition, an integrated digital micrometer guarantees high precision and the sample is ground with an accuracy of two microns.

Also, the diamond cutting disc and the grinding wheel are both on the same axis which is correctly aligned for a high quality result.

The Grinding and Cutting Machine GEOFORM 102 offers many advantages and features which distinguish this quality product.

Features of GEOFORM 102

  • Having a 7 inches HMI touch screen and advanced software that offers simple while professional operation with repeatable results
  • Water cooling
  • The grinding part is equipped with an electronic micrometer which has an accuracy of 0.001
  • Having both cutting and grinding functions
  • Frequency converter allows soft start/stop function, changeable wheel speed and smooth operation for having maximum precision
  • Built-in micrometer with digital readout
  • Specimen Holder with vacuum for standard slides

Furthermore, the Metkon GEOFORM 102 offers the top safety standards. First, it is provided with easily accessible emergency stop button.

Second, both cutting and grinding parts are completely closed off with impact resistant transparent cover.

Third, for both cutting and grinding parts, the instrument is equipped with magnetic safety switches.

If the transparent cover is not closed, the magnetic safety switch stops the motor from starting. To illustrate, if the transparent cover is opened during grinding or cutting, the motor stops automatically in at once.

In addition to this GEOLINE Series; the FORCIPOL Series metallographic polishers as well as the microprocessor-controlled automatic head, FORCIMAT, can be useful for the preparation of your petrographic samples.

Indeed, these instruments will help you to produce a high rate of sample preparation and will free the operator from grinding and polishing procedures.

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