Hikmicro AI56 Acoustic Imaging Camera

The AI56 acoustic imaging camera from HIKMICRO is a professional acoustic camera for detecting gas leaks and partial discharges.
With 64 low-noise MEMS microphones and an adjustable bandwidth range from 2 kHz to 65 kHz, the AI56 offers a simple and effective way to locate compressed air leaks in industrial environments or detect partial discharges in electrical systems. With this lightweight and user-friendly device, you can detect potential safety risks, minimize troubleshooting and save costs on equipment failure and downtime.

Key Features of AI56 Acoustic Camera

  • 64 low-noise MEMS microphones, real-time localization of sound sources
  • Real-time estimation of leak rate, leak cost and level for gas leak detection
  • Partial discharge detection can identify corona, floating, surface and particle discharges
  • Acoustic software Analyzer for analyzing images and exporting reports.
  • 800 × 480 resolution, 4.3’ LCD touch screen
  • Supports eight acoustic palettes

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