HT309 Digital Luxmeter with Illuminance Measurement of LED Sources


The HT309 Digital Luxmeter is a handheld digital LED-light lux meter; which cam measure illuminance up to 400kLux via a silicon photodiode sensor.

Moreover, the HT Instruments HT309 Digital LED-light Lux Meter is able to measure illuminance of LED sources with different colors. In fact, the HT309 Handheld Luxmeter measures the illuminance by setting the relevant correction factors to measure the luminous intensity which is expressed in Lux (Lx) or Foot-candles (Fc).

In brief, the HT309 Digital LED Light Lux Meter is an accurate luxmeter with illuminance measurement of LED sources; which you may use it to measure the illuminance of both LED sources of different colors and also white light sources.

In addition, the HT309 Digital Luxmeter complies with International Commission on Illumination (CIE) standards; on spectrum response and corrects based on the cosine of the incident angle of light. Besides, the silicon photodiode sensor of the HT309 Handheld Luxmeter guarantees the stability of measurement.

Equally important, the HT309 offers an extensive range of functions and convincing features that distinguish this quality product.

Features of HT309

  • Measurement of illuminance in Lux/Fc
  • Measuring range: 0.01klux to 400klux, 0.01kFc to 40kFc
  • Luminous intensity measurement (Cd)
  • Illuminance measurement of LED sources
  • Data HOLD
  • Internal memory for measured data saving
  • Autorange
  • Digital Zero adjustment
  • Recall and Clear memory
  • Internal memory: max 99 locations
  • Auto Power OFF
  • Backlight display

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