HT78 AC Clamp Meter


The HT78 is an AC clamp meter which you may use to measure leakage currents (100 µA to 3000 A) on bars or big cables.

In fact, the state-of-the-art HT78 AC clamp meter can carry out a very precise measurement of highly low values of AC TRMS currents (starting from 0.1 mA).

Therefore, the HT78 leakage meter is mainly used in defining and detecting leakage currents in industrial and civil electric installations which typically cause RCDs tripping accidentally.

In addition,the device is equipped with an analogue output in DC voltage for the connections with possible external data loggers.

Also, it is provided with an integrated low pass filter for eliminating harmonic components. The unit offers distinguishable features.

Features of HT78

  • Leakage current
  • TRMS
  • Current measuring range: 3000 A

Equally important, thanks to the big jaws of HT78 AC leakage meter; it lets you measure leakage currents (three -phase or single-phase 4-wire) connections on cables which have bigger cross-sections.

At last, the HT78 leakage meter fulfills IEC/EN61010-1 safety standard in CAT III 300 V and CAT II 600 V.

In brief, the HT Instruments HT78 clamp meter works with up until 3000 A TRMS AC current; and offers at least 0.1 mA resolution for AC leakage current measurement.

Furthermore, the meter includes DCV analogical output for external data loggers, 150 Hz low pass filter, data hold, manual range; wide conductor size (108 mm), lock function for blocking jaws and automatic power off.

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