Minirator MR-PRO / MR2 Analog Audio Signal Generator


The Minirator MR-PRO is a very versatile and powerful signal generator that supports a wide range of applications and offers a lot of features including:

  • The powerful feature of low-impedance Servo-Loop output (regulated)
  • 18 dBu maximum output level which’s pretty exceptional for a handheld battery-powered device
  • Automatically measures the DC voltage (Phantom power)
  • Balance indicator for the load impedance symmetry
  • Measures the load impedance in details
  • By using a MR-PRO, you’re able to download and replay your own 16 bit/48 kHz WAV files (a free file format convertor is available. You can download it from: my.nti.audio.com)
  • XLR Cable testing which simplifies troubleshooting.

The MR2 being lighter and cheaper than MR-PRO can be named as his little brother. It offers no preset memories nor WAV file play. Impedance, voltage and cable testing are removed as well. The output level is decreased by 10 dB, the THD is also increased by 6 dB due to the increased noise level and the output impedance is increased to 200 ohms.

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Compared Technical Specifications:
Generator MR-PRO MR2
Flatness +/- 0.2 dB +/- 0.5 dB
THD+N typical < -96 dB < -90 dB
Output Level maximum 18 dBu 8 dBu
Output Impedance 12.5 Ω 200 Ω
Test Signals MR-PRO MR2
Pink Noise, White Noise
Sine, Sweep and Chirp
Polarity and Delay
User Wav-Files (*.wav)
Measurement Functions MR-PRO MR2
XLR Cable Tester
Phantom Power
Impedance and Phase
Signal Balance
Apparent Power and Phase (for 70V/100V distributed loudspeaker systems)
Special Features MR-PRO MR2
Protective Shock Jacket
Hand Strap, USB Cable
Configurations Storage

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