NL Sense Automated Asset Monitoring

NL Sense Automated Asset Monitoring

Can you protect your assets against failure? Changing or new sounds often indicate deteriorating assets; which may result in a sudden interruption of your operations and lead to a costly downtime. The NL Acoustics NL Sense Automated Asset Monitoring identifies problems through real-time asset monitoring in advance which means reducing costs and ensuring full operational capacity.

Predicting Expensive Problems Can Now Be Done Non-Intrusively

You can tell assets in prime condition apart from those about to fail using NL Sense Automated Asset Monitoring. In fact, industrial assets indicate the end of their service life by making sounds which are unusual. And, detecting those sounds especially in noisy environments is nearly impossible. Also, you need to have acoustic experience for tracking sound trends.

However, the best way to reduce costs, avoid dangerous safety hazards; and guard against unplanned, expensive downtime is finding the issues early through sound detection.

Cost-Effective Maintenance

The NL Sense listens to your assets and detects harmful trends and deviations automatically in the sounds they make. Moreover, before you begin to lose money due to broken assets and delays in operation; the NL Sense provides you with data for informed, predictive maintenance decisions. In addition, by removing the need to manually inspect fully functioning assets; the NL Sense will also save you time and money.

Easy to Install

Being retrofittable and non-intrusive; the NL Sense Automated Asset Monitoring is easy to install in places that would be difficult to access and monitor. Besides, using just a few smart sensors; you may connect the NL Sense Automated Asset Monitoring to your existing asset management systems and replace multiple integrated sensors.

Detect Critical Problems Early on

The NL Sense makes a comprehensive acoustic fingerprint of an asset and also discovers minute deviations in the way it sounds. Then, you can pinpoint faults even before they happen.

Find Faults Otherwise Missed

The NL Sense adapts to the environment and detects any unusual sounds. As a result, you can find faults that cannot be detected by temperature, pressure or vibration sensors.

Deep Sound-Based Insights

The NL Sense can gather a vast amount of data and save 96,000 values per second in a typical case. Of course, such a large quantity of data into a useful format requires much skill and effort and it’s only possible by the NL Sense.

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