OPTIMA 7 NDIR Handheld Gas Analyzer


The OPTIMA 7 NDIR Handheld Gas Analyzer is an automotive portable NDIR gas analyzer; which is suitable for real time measurements of diesel and petrol (gasoline) car exhaust gas.

Moreover, the OPTIMA 7 NDIR Gas Analyzer has bright color display and an intuitive software menu; which will guide you through all measuring programs.

Furthermore, Electrochemical cells for NO and O2, along with high technology bench for CO2, HC and CO measures the exhaust gas fast and accurately.

In addition, the MRU Instruments OPTIMA 7 NDIR is able to store up to 16000 data sets on a micro-SD card; or even in the analyzer’s internal data storage directly.

Also, the MRU OPTIMA 7 NDIR can use the MRU4u data app for transferring the data to smartphone or tablet; or Bluetooth to notebook. Equally important, you may print the results via infrared, high speed thermal printer easily.

Besides, the OPTIMA 7 NDIR Handheld Gas Analyzer offers many convincing advantages and features that distinguish this quality product.

Features of OPTIMA 7 NDIR

  • Exhaust gas measurement for all gasoline (petrol) and diesel engines
  • O2 and NOx electrochemical measurement
  • CO / CO2 / HC infrared (NDIR) measurement
  • Engine oil temperature measurement
  • High-range CO measurement using infrared bench
  • P.E.F. factor (required for calibration)
  • O2 long-life sensor
  • Automatic measurement with averaging
  • Lambda calculation using Brettschneider formula
  • Rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery for approximately 8 hours operation


  • Measurement of up to 5 car exhaust gas components
  • Lambda calculation
  • Engine oil temperature
  • P.E.F. factor

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