Remote-Controlled PA3 Power Amplifier


The NTi Audio portable and lightweight PA3 Power Amplifier is equipped with a DSP-based signal generator with equalizer. Also, if you use PA3 with DS3 Dodecahedron Speaker; the set can a pink noise with an acoustically flat frequency response.

In addition, the equalization guarantees that ISO 16283-1 requirement of ≤ 8 dB difference between contiguous 1/3rd octave bands in the emitted sound is fulfilled. Furthermore, an external audio input socket and a test signal optimized for maximum sound power are also available.

Moreover, all operating components of PA3 Power Amplifier are positioned on the sloping sides of it. That is why, they are easily accessible and recognizable from a standing position.

Equally important, you can connect an active subwoofer which is a loudspeaker designed to reproduce low-pitched audio frequencies; to NTi Audio PA3 to carry out low-frequency measurements.

At last, you may switch on or off the test signal, even when you are outside the measuring room; by pushing the button which is on the supplied radio remote control.
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