Pressure Chamber Compact Automatic Operation


The Pressure Chamber Compact Automatic Operation is a vacuum/pressure chamber to calibrate barometric devices such as barometric sensors; aneroid barometers and barographs.

In fact, the test chamber of the Theodor Friedrichs Pressure Chamber is made of a rectangular door flange and a welded ribbed steel construction. Moreover, the front panel door is composed of a solid steel frame which holds a full-sized acrylic glass pane.

Furthermore, there are 6 electric feed-through terminals on the right side of the Vacuum Chamber for connection of barometric sensors. Also, there are two air inlets NW 10 for connection of test barometer or other external units on the left side of the chamber.

In addition, the controlling valve for the pump connection, switch valve, the push-button switch to operate the vacuum pump; and the controlling valve regulating or cutting of the input of the outside air to the chamber are at the front of the Pressure Chamber base.

To emphasize, an O-seal in the flange achieves the sealing. Also, a uniform sealing pressure is applied when closing the door with four hand wheels. Still, you may operate a vibrating table (model 8712) which is connected to an external power supply of 12 VDC; inside the Pressure Chamber.

And, several instruments including aneroid barometers which are expected to be tested may be suspended from a crossbar mount.

Equally important, the Pressure Chamber Compact Automatic Operation offers the following accessories.

Accessories of Pressure Chamber Model 8709

  • Measuring cable set
  • Vibrating table
  • Table top housing with reference sensor (automatic operation)
  •  Heavy duty table

Technical Specifications

  • Operating range: 500 to 1100 hPa, other ranges up on request
  • Volume of cabinet: Approximately  65 Litres
  • Test space: 550 x 350 x 350 mm
  • Weight: Approximately  107 kg

Besides, the variations of Pressure Chamber Automatic Operation are 8777.5000 Automatic Control and 8709.0000 Pressure Chamber, compact version, automatic operation including pump and lighting.

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