Professional Rain Gauge RG100

Professional Rain Gauge RG100

Professional Rain Gauge RG100 benefits from a modern generation of tipping bucket technology together with a precision ceramic blade design. Moreover, the measurement resolution in Zoglab Professional Rain Gauge RG100 can reach to 0.1 mm. Also, the highest allowable error is ±0.4 mm (≤ 10 mm).

Furthermore, you can connect the output signal of RG100 Professional Rain Gauge directly to data collector system through RS485, switch signal & Bluetooth. Also, having rain collecting area of 200 cm², RG100 Professional Rain Gauge can be extensively used in hydrology, meteorology, forestry & agriculture.

Besides, Zoglab RG100 Rain Gauge has a delicate and small appearance. And, thanks to its unique aero-cone design, Zoglab RG100 Rain Gauge can reduce the wind effective area and minimize the wind speed influence on precipitation measurement efficiently.

Technical Specifications of Zoglab RG100 Rain Gauge

  • Collecting area 200cm²: (φ159.60±0.6mm)
  • Measuring range: Rain intensity: 0~4mm/min; rainfall: >0.1mm
  • Resolution: 0.1mm
  • Operating temperature: 0 ~ 60℃
  • Maximum tolerance: ±0.4mm (≤10mm); ±4% (>10mm)

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