Multifunctional PVCHECKs Installation Safety Tester


The PVCHECKs is a multi function unit for checking performance and electric safety of a photovoltaic system. Furthermore, it can be used as a device for commissioning tests on PV systems.

To illustrate, the Multifunctional PVCHECKs let you carrying out the electric safety tests which are provided for a PV system (section in DC); and also the functional test of modules and strings safely and quickly.

Equally important, the system fulfills the requirements of Standard IEC/EN62446.

The state of the art HT instruments PVCHECKs is capable of measuring insulation of a string, module or a whole photovoltaic field (IEC/EN62446).

In fact, it does these processes with no need to use an external switch to short-circuit the negative and positive terminals. And, that’s why it is a real innovation in testing safety.

PVCHECKs Installation Safety Tester also let you check the functionality of the strings and the connections in a photovoltaic field.

Besides, the Multifunctional PVCHECKs measures the short-circuit current and the open circuit voltage operating conditions and referred to STC (with the use of optional accessories HT304N and SOLAR02 and via the optional measurement of irradiation). Also, it provides an immediate result.

Finally, using optional accessories HT304N and SOLAR02; PVCHECKs Installation Safety Tester let you analyze the performance of the photovoltaic field under operating conditions.

Then, it provides an indication of the performance of the field and the generated power.

In addition the up to the minute Multifunctional PVCHECKs offers a large number features and advantages.

Features of PVCHECKs

  • Help on line on the display
  • Auto power off
  • Custom management of internal PV module database
  • Provided PC interface with software for Windows
  • Backlit LCD display
  • Summary table of main electric parameters
  • Temperature measurement of cell and environment
  • Measurement of irradiation with reference cell
  • DC side efficiency of the photovoltaic field
  • PV string and fields insulation with no service interruption with test voltage 1000, 500 and 250
  • Continuity of protective conductors with 200 mA

In brief, the device does the following automatic tests:

  • Short-circuit current and Open-circuit voltage and short-circuit current up to 1000 V/15 A
  • Continuity of protective conductor with 200 mA
  • Measurement of insulation up until 1000 V DC
  • As mentioned earlier, these tests fulfill the provisions of standard IEC/EN62446.

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