SL300 Ultrasonic Snow Depth Sensor


The SL300 Ultrasonic Snow Depth Sensor is a complete system in one compact package. In fact, the SL300 Snow Depth Sensor contains an ultra-sensitive electrostatic transducer and also the supporting circuitry. That’s why it provides a 0 to +2.5 or 0 to +5 VDC output with independent zero and adjustments over the whole operating range of detection 1.5’ – 32’.

Furthermore, The Felix Technology Inc SL300 Depth Sensor is a low-cost solution for remotely measuring water levels or snow depth.

To illustrate, the sensor measures the distance between the sensor and a target. Specifically, the sensor measures the time required for an ultrasonic pulse to travel from and to the surface.

To properly the distance; there is an integrated digital temperature sensor inside a solar radiation shield which makes it possible to have an air temperature measurement.

The state-of-the-art SL300 Depth Sensor features an extensive range of features and advantages that distinguish this quality product.

Features of SL300

  • No Drift or Recalibration
  • Accurate Snow Depth Measurement
  • Independent Settable Zero & Span
  • Temperature Compensated Output
  • Digital output: RS232/485, SDI-12
  • 50 KHz Electrostatic Transducer
  • Compact Design
  • DIP Settings for easy and quick set-up
  • Excellent Receive Sensitivity
  • Can be triggered or externally or internally

Equally important, the SL300 Ultrasonic Snow Depth Sensor can work even in extreme conditions. Before any snow falls, you may install the unit facing down to the ground; then the sensor measures the rise and the fall as now falls.

Indeed, precise measurement of snow depth has a lot of restrictions and limitations. However, the SL300 Depth Sensor uses high technology electronics and intelligent algorithm to overcome the faults and imperfections.

At last, the SL300 features SDI-12 digital and half duplex RS485, RS232 outputs and analog voltage.

Technical Specifications

  • Distance Range: 0.45 – 10.00 m
  • Accuracy: ± 0.1% up to 6.00 m and ± 0.2% above 6.00 m
  • Analog Output: 0 to +2.5/5 VDC

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