SOLAR300N Power Quality Analyzer


The SOLAR300N is a Power Quality Analyzer which can check the efficiency of photovoltaic systems. In fact, the SOLAR300N Analyser is a Multi function unit for verification of three-phase and single-phase PV system efficiency and Power Quality analysis.

To illustrate, the SOLAR300N Analyzer tests the efficiency of the three-phase and single-phase photovoltaic systems.

In fact, for carrying out these types of test; it is obligatory to ensure simultaneity between the irradiation and temperature measurements done on the photovoltaic panels; and the power measurements done at the inverter.

Nevertheless, HT Instruments has solved the mentioned problem by manufacturing a remote measuring device called the SOLAR02; which obtain the values of environmental temperature, panel temperature and solar Irradiation.

Furthermore, it transfers them into SOLAR300N. Then, the SOLAR300N Analyser inserts them into the same string of power measurements. And at last, it elaborates them with the simultaneity which is required by the law in force.

In addition, at the end of the calculation, the SOLAR300N will indicate that the result of testing is positive or negative.

Besides, other than logging and measuring the efficiency of PV systems; the SOLAR300N can be used as a powerful power quality analyzer which can perform analysis fulfilling the EN50160 (voltage anomalies, harmonics, voltage unbalance and flicker).

To emphasize, when you are using it as a power quality analyzer the flexible clamps HTFLEX33e can be used. However, when you are using it in in PV analyzing, the flexible clamps cannot be used.

Moreover, the SOLAR300N Power Quality Analyzer offers an extensive range of features and advantages that distinguish this quality product.

Features of SOLAR300N

  • DC side efficiency of the photovoltaic field
  • Remote unit SOLAR-02 with USB \ RF connection
  • Temperature measurement of cell and environment
  • Measurement of irradiation with reference cell
  • AC/DC voltage in single-phase/three-phase systems
  • Cosphi, Power Factor
  • AC/DC current in single-phase/three-phase systems
  • Voltage unbalance (NEG%, ZERO%)
  • Voltage and current harmonics up to the 49th with THD
  • Active P, Reactive Q, Apparent S Power/Energy
  • Voltage anomalies (peaks, dips) with a resolution of 10 ms ( at 50 Hz)
  • Electric motor starting current (INRUSH)
  • Voltage Spikes with 5 µs resolution
  • Voltage flickers (Pst, Plt)
  • Full analysis EN50160
  • Neutral-Ground Voltage
  • Phase sequence
  • Neutral current


  • Indication of recording duration for photovoltaic testing
  • Auto power off
  • Power supply with rechargeable battery and battery charger
  • PC interface with software for Windows
  • USB port for data download onto Pen Drive
  • Internal memory capacity
  • Touchscreen color display
  • Voltage/current vector diagram
  • Tables or histograms of Harmonics and THD%
  • Voltage/current waveforms
  • Summary table of main electric parameters
  • Default and custom recordings
  • Internal memory extension with Compact Flash card
  • Indication of recording duration for mains analysis

In brief, the SOLAR300N Power Quality Analyzer is the best analyzer which offers you; firstly the verification of the efficiency of the photovoltaic system. Secondly, Power quality Analysis with voltage Fast Transient (5 µs) measurement. And thirdly, A New touchscreen interface.

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