SPM Electronic Stethoscope ELS14


The SPM Electronic Stethoscope ELS14 is an easy-to-use and sensitive listening device which is used to locate the source of mechanical noise. In fact, SPM Electronic Stethoscope ELS14 offers an excellent sound quality helping you quickly locate the source of abnormal mechanical noise on your machines; even in industrial environments that have a lot of noise.

Actually, if you want to detect the mechanical problems of your machine; you may listen to its sound using the Best Electronic Stethoscope ELS14. Because, listening to machine sounds is one of the most common ways to detect the mechanical problems of your machine.

Moreover, Best Electronic Stethoscope ELS14 offers a wide range of applications including identifying, amplifying; and assessing gear and pump noise, bearing condition and the operation of relays and solenoids.

Also, if you want to effectively single out relevant sound frequencies; you may select low, middle, high or no filter. In addition, you may buy the SPM Electronic Stethoscope ELS14 as a complete kit: It comes with an internal microSD card and recording capabilities which enable you to play back the sound from the device; and also store them as files for further evaluations.

Besides, Best Electronic Stethoscope ELS14 comes with headphones which are equipped with ear defenders. They can shut out ambient noise effectively.

In fact, the complete kit consists of electronic stethoscope ELS14 incl. batteries and SD card, headphones EAR12, probe set ELT10 and carrying case CAS24.

Technical Specifications of Stethoscope ELS14

  • Frequency range: 30 Hz to 20 kHz
  • Enclosure: PC/ABS, IP55
  • Keypad: sealed, snap action
  • LED indicators: power on, volume, recording, filter mode and low battery
  • Volume control: adjustable in 10 steps
  • Auto power off: 10 min after use
  • Filters: low, middle, high, unfiltered
  • Recording: max. 10 files, up to 7.5 min./file
  • File format: WAV
  • Memory: micro SDHC card
  • Output connector: 3.5 mm stereo mini plug (used for headphones)
  • Battery: 2xAA /R6 cells
  • Battery life: > 30 hours (continuous use)
  • Ambient temp.: –10° to + 60 °C (14° to 140 °F)
  • Dimensions: 213x48x38 mm excl. probe
  • Weight: 295 g incl. batteries and 60mm probe

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