SPM HD Shock Pulse Monitoring

SPM HD Shock Pulse Monitoring

The SPM HD Shock Pulse Monitoring is a further development of Shock Pulse Method (SPM); which can be used for easy, fast and reliable diagnosis of the operating condition of rolling element bearings.

Moreover, SPM HD Shock Pulse Monitoring provides crystal-clear spectrums and time signals for further analysis; and easy-to-understand condition evaluation in a green-yellow-red scale.

In addition, SPM HD offers extraordinarily features that make SPM Condition Monitoring products distinguishable and unique.

Benefits of SPM HD

  • Comprehensible condition evaluation in red-yellow-green scales
  • Easy, fast and reliable diagnosis of bearing condition
  • Monitor applications in an extensive broad RPM range such as ultra low-speed applications (0.1 – 20000 RPM range)
  • Identify bearing damages using crystal-clear spectrums and time signals

Technical Description

SPM HD Shock Pulse Monitoring is particularly well suited for measurement on low-speed applications; because it’s equipped with advanced digital technique and RPM-based sampling frequency. Also, the mathematics algorithms which’re advanced and sophisticated make the measuring technique less sensitive to interference from other signals. In addition, the crystal-clear time signals are really easily interpreted which leads to simply determining the type and extent of the damage. To illustrate, you may use the SPM HD to monitor applications in the 0.1 – 20000 RPM range.

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