SPM Intellinova Compact Remote Condition Monitoring System

SPM Intellinova Compact

The SPM Intellinova Compact Condition Monitoring System is a high-performance system which is ideally suited for industrial environments and remote monitoring; where groups of measuring points are set up at various locations within the plant.

Areas of application of SPM Intellinova Compact

In fact, this SPM Condition Monitoring System as a leading-edge system offers the strongest combination of measuring techniques available. And, since it provides maximum flexibility for fault detection, it’s for all types of applications. Actually, SPM Intellinova Compact Remote Condition Monitoring System is the ideal condition monitoring solution in wind turbines, pumping stations, and auxiliary equipment.

Also, SPM Intellinova Compact has some typical applications such as fans and gearboxes, including planetary gears. In addition, this Condition Monitoring System implements the SPM HD measuring technique; that’s why, it is also the suitable choice for low-speed applications (0.1-50 rpm) such as agitators, conveyors, crushers or cranes.

Moreover, you may run SPM Intellinova Compact as an stand-alone unit, or alongside its siblings in the Intellinova family of online systems in an integrated system.

Optimal cost-efficiency

SPM Intellinova Compact Remote Condition Monitoring System is available in 4 versions. And, each of the versions has a fixed channel configuration for both vibration analysis and shock pulse measurement. Also, all versions come with analog inputs, multiple rpm and status output. Of course, IntelliLogic functions make it possible to take full advantage of these hardware features

Besides, SPM Intellinova Compact and all SPM Intellinova units have the capability to accept process data and evaluate the running condition based on a combination of process and measurement data; that’s why they are ideally suited for monitoring machinery with complex operating procedures.

In brief, SPM Intellinova Compact offers the following advantages:


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