SPM Intellinova Compact Ex Condition Monitoring System


The SPM Intellinova Compact Ex is an advanced online condition monitoring system which can be used for secure remote monitoring of measuring points in high-risk regions.

Intellinova Compact Ex: Condition Monitoring in Zones 0/20, 1/21, 2/22

The SPM Intellinova Compact Ex is a complete system with cable glands, power supply and sensor inputs with Ex interfaces for transducers located in Ex gas Zones 2, 1 or 0 or Ex dust Zones 22, 21 or 20. In fact, SPM Intellinova Compact Ex is developed for mounting in Ex gas Zone 22 or Ex dust Zone 2.

Equally important, Intellinova Compact Ex is the ideal condition monitoring solution for many industries including offshore, oil and gas, sugar plants and petrochemical. Also, it offers typical applications in gearboxes, fans, pumps and winches.

Maximum Flexibility with Vibration Analysis and SPM HD

In fact, Intellinova Compact Ex provides you with the strongest combination of measuring techniques. Vibration measurement (DC – 40 kHz) with sophisticated analysis and HD Order Tracking and SPM HD technique for condition monitoring of rolling element bearings in the 0.1 – 20 000 RPM range lead to offering maximum flexibility in detecting of machine problems.

Indeed, same as Intellinova Compact Remote Condition Monitoring System, SPM Intellinova Compact Ex offers convincing advantages and features that distinguish this quality product.

Advantages of Intellinova Compact Ex

  • Safe and Sound
  • Intelligent Measurement
  • Cutting-Edge Technology


  • SPM HD, the technology of shock pulse for measurement in the 0.1 – 20000 RPM range with highest signal-to-noise performance and supreme resolution
  • HD ENV, high definition technology of vibration enveloping for detecting early-stage bearing and gear faults, which provides unambiguous spectrums and time signals
  • HR HD/SPM LR, shock pulse measurement method
  • EVAM, up-to-the-minute vibration analysis and measurement (DC – 40 kHz)
  • Broadband vibration measurement according to ISO 10816 or ISO 2372
  • FFT with symptom evaluation
  • User-defined measurements using analog inputs or OPC, for instance, pressure, load, flow

Technical Specifications

Intellinova Compact Ex versions
Characteristics INS12 Ex INS06 Ex INS18 Ex INS08V Ex
Stainless steel enclosure, dimensions (inches) 15×23.6×8.3 15x15x8.3 15×23.6×8.3 15x15x8.3
Measuring channels, shock pulse 8 4 12 -**
Measuring channels, vibration 4* 2* 6* 8*
Analog inputs 3 3 3 3
Digital inputs (rpm) 3 2 3 3
Digital outputs 3 3 3 3

*) Both shock pulse and vibration measurements can be done via DuoTech Ex accelerometers.
**) This version does not have any unconnected shock pulse channels. See *)

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