SPM Intellinova Parallel EN Ex Condition Monitoring System


The SPM Intellinova Parallel EN Ex is a high-performance and advanced ONLINE system that can carry out continuous monitoring of machine condition in potentially explosive environments.

In fact, SPM Intellinova Parallel EN Ex is the ideal condition monitoring solution for many industries including offshore, oil and gas, sugar plants and petrochemical.

Intellinova Parallel EN Ex: Supreme Condition Monitoring Efficiency

The SPM Intellinova Parallel EN Ex monitors your critical equipment continuously; and captures relevant events immediately.

In addition, there are 16 synchronous channels for vibration analysis and shock pulse measurement using the unique DuoTech accelerometer. Also, there are 8 RPM channels for data acquisition on machinery with complex drives, even under changing operating conditions.

Moreover, Intellinova Parallel EN Ex provides a reliable snapshot of equipment condition for entire machines; as it manages and tracks changes in process and operating condition. And, measurement assignments can be set up to trigger multiple system units in parallel and synchronously. It can also be set up to trigger individual channels.

Furthermore, there is a diagnostic and analysis software (Condmaster Ruby) which offers live spectrums, user-defined filter settings; and live views of the state of all connected devices.

Equally important, Intellinova Parallel EN Ex uses HD condition monitoring technologies; that is why it is the BEST choice for industries such as offshore, oil and gas, sugar plants and petrochemical where demands are high.

Also, Intellinova Parallel EN Ex is applicable for low-speed applications (from below 0.1 RPM) including crushers, agitators or conveyors. It is also well-suited for more straightforward applications such as pumps, motors and fans. Of course, advanced functionality makes Intellinova Parallel EN Ex the IDEAL choice where short process cycles make measurement time-critical; for instance lifting and hoisting equipment such as cranes or railcar dumpers.

Indeed, same as SPM Intellinova Parallel EN, Intellinova Parallel EN Ex offers convincing advantages and features that distinguish this quality product.

Advantages of Intellinova Parallel EN Ex

  • Safe and Sound
  • Supreme Efficiency
  • Perfect Timing


Intellinova Parallel EN Ex uses the most efficient and sophisticated technologies available for monitoring vibration levels, lubrication effectiveness and bearing condition:

  • HD ENV, high definition vibration enveloping technology to detect the early-stage bearing and gear faults, making available time signals crystal clear spectrums
  • SPM HD, high-definition shock pulse monitoring technology with very high resolution and supreme signal-to-noise performance
  • HR HD/SPM LR, shock pulse measurement method
  • Broadband vibration measurement fulfilling ISO 10816 or ISO 2372
  • FFT with machine fault symptom evaluation
  • User-defined measurements using analog inputs or OPC, for instance, flow, pressure and load
  • Robust design to manage demanding industrial Ex Environments.

Technical specifications

Properties INSEN8 Ex INSEN16 Ex
Stainless steel enclosure, IP66 400x400x210 mm (15.7×15.7×8.3 in) 600x600x210 mm (23.6×23.6×8.3 in)
Measuring channels
(parallel, for shock pulse or vibration measurement)
8 16
Analog inputs 2 4
RPM inputs (parallel) 4 8
Digital inputs/outputs 2/2 4/4


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