SPM Intellinova Standard Online Condition Monitoring System

SPM Intellinova Standard

The SPM Intellinova Standard Condition Monitoring System is an online condition monitoring unit which uses well-proven methods and modern technology; that’s why it ensures the highest possible uptime of critical assets.

SPM Intellinova Standard: Cost-efficient system for large installations

Since the SPM Intellinova Standard Condition Monitoring System offers optimal cost-per-channel; it is the best condition monitoring solution for installations covering many measuring points.

Also, SPM Intellinova Standard accommodates up to 32 channels; that’s why this condition monitoring system is suitable for the vast majority of high-demand and standard applications; especially when measurement is not time-critical, such as paper machines, air handling units or pumping stations.

In addition, this SPM Intellinova Standard implements HD condition moni­toring technologies; that’s why, it is the ideal choice for low-speed applications, delivering reliable condition data from below 0.1 RPM and upwards.

Exceptional flexibility and performance

In fact, SPM Intellinova Standard is an distinguishable condition monitoring system; because it has high level of flexibility and ease of use. That’s why it enables fast implementation of customer-defined solutions.

Reliability and accuracy are also trademarks of this high-performance online condition monitoring system. Furthermore, SPM Intellinova Standard combines advanced data processing and complex measuring techniques with a user-friendly interface and a variety of options for individual system customization.

As a result, SPM Intellinova Standard is a high-performance and highly flexible online condition monitoring system delivering easily understood condition information that will assist you make the most informed maintenance decisions.

Moreover, you may run SPM Intellinova Standard as an stand-alone unit, or alongside its siblings in the Intellinova family of online systems in an integrated system.

In brief, SPM Intellinova Standard offers the following advantages:


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