SPM Leonova Emerald IS Handheld Condition Monitoring Analyzer


SPM Leonova Emerald IS is one of the most up-to-the-minute ATEX/IECEx certified instruments on the market which offers offers a unique combination of sophisticated usability and technologies in a single measuring device.

Condition Monitoring in Zones 2 – 1 – 0

The SPM Leonova Emerald IS is designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions. To illustrate, heavy industries with intrinsic safety requirements including mining, refinery and oil/gas industries are challenging environments. And, SPM Leonova Emerald IS fulfills the strictest IECEx/ATEX standards. As a result, it can be used in zones 0 – 2.

Maximum Flexibility with Vibration Analysis and SPM HD

Being the Ex version of SPM Leonova Emerald which can be used in potentially explosive environments; the Leonova Emerald IS provides you with the strongest combination of techniques of measuring available on the market.

In fact, Leonova Emerald IS offers maximum flexibility for the detection of machine faults; because it uses sophisticated vibration measurement analysis including HD Order Tracking; and SPM HD technique for condition monitoring of rolling element bearings (1-20 000 rpm range).

Rugged Data Collector with Scalable Functionality

Leonova Emerald IS is the ideal choice where extensive measuring routes with an extensive amounts of routine measurements need to be controlled in a rational manner. Also, Leonova Emerald IS enables customized solutions (based on a scalable system); where additional functionality can be added as needed.

Equally important, similar to Leonova Diamond IS, SPM Leonova Emerald IS offers unique features that distinguish this quality product.

Features of Leonova Emerald IS


  • Advanced Vibration Analysis for General Machine Condition
  • HD Shock Pulse Method for Bearing Condition (SPM HD)

Vibration Analysis

  • The HD ENV® technique: a patented enveloping technique that can be used for early detection of impact-related events including bearing and gear damage. A number of predetermined filters are available to have an easy selection; each of them are designed to detect damages in various failure stages. The method uses engineered algorithms cleverly for digital signal processing to get optimal data for trending purposes.
  • Vibration Severity plus FFT Spectrum: measuring of vibration acceleration, velocity and displacement (0-20 kHz frequency range) fulfilling the latest ISO 10816 standards; helps you to diagnose general machine condition. Other than RMS vibration readings, it shows FFT spectrum, where symptoms of misalignment, structural weakness and imbalance are identified easily.
  • EVAM (Evaluated Vibration Analysis Method): techniques of measuring that offers up to 12800 line spectrum with true zoom; and delivers off-the-rack machine ‘fault symptoms’ and trending.

Bearing and Lubrication Condition

  • SPM HD Method (HDm/HDc): a patented further development of the Shock Pulse Method (SPM) which is much less sensitive to interference from other signals and as a result distinctive in its ability to measure from low rpm (0.1 – 20.000 RPM range). SPM HD is used for easy, fast and dependable diagnosis of operation condition of rolling element bearings.
  • SPM Spectrum: is based on exceptional signal quality and 24-bit A/D conversion that helps determine where a possible bearing damage is located with superior precision; and offers razor-sharp resolution.
  • LR/HR: another method which was developed from the main Shock Pulse Method for condition diagnosis of rolling element bearings. LR/HR makes it possible to have a precision analysis of oil film condition in the rolling interface.
  • dBm/dBc: is the main Shock Pulse Method which counts the rate of incoming shock pulses per second and provides one value for the maximum level (peaks) and one value for the shock carpet level.

Order Tracking

  • HD Order Tracking: On machinery operating under variable speed, analysis with HD Order Tracking produces crystal-clear measuring results and reliable data; even when RPM varies to a great extent during the  measurement. Order tracking is suitable in an extensive RPM range, from a few to thousands of revolutions per minute.

Corrective Maintenance

  • Dynamic balancing: field rotor balancing in single plane fulfilling ISO 1940-1 standard with a primary vibration measurement; which helps and guides the user through a balancing procedure along with suggestions for correcting the imbalance.

Technical Specifications

Ex marking

  • Gas: II 1G Ex ia IIC T4 Ga, Ta -4°F to +122°F
  • Mining: I M1 Ex ia I Ma, Ta +14°F to +122°F


  • Dimensions: 306*108*71 mm
  • Display: TFT color, 240*320 pixels, 3.5 inch, adjustable backlight
  • Weight: 960 grams
  • Housing: Carbon-fiber-reinforced enclosure, IP65

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