SPM Handheld Stroboscope 18432


The SPM Handheld Stroboscope 18432 is an ideal choice for non-contact RPM measurements. Also, you may use it to observe fast and repeated motions of machined and their moving components.

In fact, SPM Handheld Stroboscope 18432 offers many functions and yet it is totally easy-to-use. Furthermore, SPM Stroboscope 18432 features extra long battery life, robust construction; exceptional features and excellent brightness.

Moreover, to have simple operation for fast fractional RPM tuning; SPM Strobe 18432 is equipped with a unique one-touch joystick-type button.

In addition, SPM Strobe 18432 has a large, backlit, 6-digit alphanumeric LCD display; which shows the operational mode and flash rate for external TTL pulse input, internal tuning, tachometer display and x2 ÷2 functions. Also, eight memory positions offers rapid recall of frequencies which are defined by the user.

Besides, SPM Stroboscope 18432 is ergonomic and lightweight (including the battery pack it is only 544 grams). And, the NiM removeable and rechargeable battery pack of Handheld Strobe 18432 can provide up to 2 hours of continuous use (depends on the flash rate.). Also, you may connect it to portable instruments Leonova Diamond and Emerald Leonova using a stroboscope cable.

Technical Specifications of SPM Strobe 18432

Internal mode

  • Flash range: 100 to 12500 fpm
  • Accuracy: the greater of ±0.5 fpm or ±0.01% of reading
  • Resolution: 0.1 fpm
  • Display update: continuous

External/tachometer mode

  • Flash range: 5.0 to 12500 fpm – external flash rates to 0 are acceptable
  • Tachometer: 5 to 250000 rpm – no flash
  • Accuracy: the greater of ±0.1 fpm or ±0.01% of reading
  • Display update: approx. 1 second
  • External input: 0 to 5 volt TTL compatible (12V pk max), 1 μsec min pulse width, positive edge triggered


  • Flash lamp life: approx. 100 million flashes
  • Flash duration: 10 to 30 microseconds
  • Display: 6 digit alphanumeric backlit LCD
  • Indicators: low battery, on target indicator, locked on, external mode, tachometer mode, ÷2 ×2
  • Adjustment: four quadrant pressure sensitive joy-stick button adjusts flash rate, x2 and ÷2
  • Flash lamp: Xenon, 150 mJ/flash up to 3000 fpm, 7.9 Watts @ 6000 fpm, life time approximately 100 million flashes

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