SPM VibChecker Vibration Meter VC200/VC250


The SPM VibChecker Vibration Meter VC200/VC250 is an instrument by which you may carry out fast and easy measurement of machine condition in preventive maintenance. In fact, SPM VibChecker Vibration Meter VC200/VC250 is based on the recommendations of ISO10816 and ISO2372 standards for broad band measurements of vibration.

Of course, based on these standards, obtaining limited information at a low cost is often is as useful as detailed analysis using elaborate techniques and expensive equipment.

Also, using the SPM VibChecker Vibration Meter VC200, you can do the measurement either with an inbuilt probe or with an external transducer. Actually, SPM VC250 Vibration Meter doesn’t have an inbuilt probe.

In addition, SPM VC200 Vibration Meter is push button controlled and; you may manually enter the basic measurement data. And, the results which are measured by the push button controlled SPM Vibration Meter VC200/VC250 are indicated by red; yellow and green symbols. Besides, to have an easy pattern recognition, a time signal and its FFT spectrum are also produced.

Furthermore, you can transfer the measurement results of SPM VibChecker Vibration Meter VC200 and VC250 to a file; to do further processing and evaluations.

Technical Specifications of SPM VibChecker

  • Frequency range: 10 to 1000 Hz
  • Readings: RMS/peak/peak-to-peak
  • Velocity RMS 100 mm/s (4 ips) @ 80 Hz (inaccuracy 0.15 mm/s ±3%)
  • Acceleration RMS 100 m/s2 (10 g) @ 10-1000 Hz
  • Displacement RMS 100 um (4 mil) @ 80 Hz
  • Spectrum: linear, 800/400/200 lines, Hanning window, Hz/cpm, zoom, RPM markers
  • Time signal: 512/1024/2048 samples, zoom, marker
  • Size: VC250: 184x74x41 mm (7.2×2.9×1.6 in), VC200: 207x74x41 mm (8.1×2.9×1.6 in),
  • Weight: VC250: 300 g (10.6 ounces), VC200: 335 g (11.8 ounces)
  • General functions: battery status, language independent menus, transducer check, metric or imperial units, storage of up to 10 measuring samples

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