SWG 100 CEM Stationary Emission Analyzer


SWG 100 CEM is a stationary and least expensive emissions analyzer for combustion checking and emission monitoring of different industrial sites using extractive method and designed specifically to fulfill your needs.

In fact, the perfect, ready-made MRU instrument flue gas analyzer, SWG 100, is the industrial solution which may be utilized in a large number of emission sources including:

  • Small power plants and small gas turbines
  • Cogeneration heat and power engines (CHP)
  • Waste incinerators
  • Ovens and kilns
  • Industrial heaters and dryers
  • Food industry steam boilers
  • Biomethane and methane boilers
  • Ethanol and palm oil plants

Furthermore, this continuous emission monitoring analyzer is designed to be used in harsh industrial environment of different combustion sites; where flue gas emissions need to be ceaselessly monitored.

Also, to ameliorate the sample gas preparation, it can be provided with different gas sampling probes and sampling lines.

Moreover, you may install SWG 100 in outdoor or indoor locations. Besides, it may sample dry or wet flue gas; and pressurized or low pressure flue gas even from a sampling point which is far away.

Main features of SWG 100 CEM

  • Up to six true gas simultaneous measurement
  • Use inexpensive but dependable electrochemical cells for O2, CO, NO, NO2, SO2 and infrared module (NDIR) for CO2 measurement
  • Excellent sample gas preparation for fast and dependable measurements
  • Field replaceable, plug and play pre-calibrated sensors
  • External measurements (temperature and pressure) by reading of extension standard signal
  • Direct and continuous or discontinuous measurement, with pressure and temperature compensation of all main flue gas parameters
  • Flexible platform which can be used for various combustion applications
  • Easy to maintain, ready to run delivery and simple installation

Optional features of SWG 100 emission analyzer

  • Cabinet heater for freeze protection
  • O2 measurement with long-life EC cell
  • Converter module of RS485 into Profibus
  • CO measurement with protected EC cell using air purging pump and cut-off solenoid valve
  • Module with four channel analog inputs/outputs 4 mA-20 mA and 2x “fail safe” alarm relays
  • NO measurement with EC cell
  • Heated gas sampling lines which are 5 m – 75 m long, with single ordual PTFE 4/6 mm tube and temperature regulation by internal thermostat or analyzer
  • NO2 measurement with EC cell
  • SO2 measurement with EC cell
  • CO2 measurement using infrared (NDIR) module
  • Thermoelectric gas cooler (Peltier) with constant dew pointand automatic condensate draining pump
  • Heated gas sampling probe model HD, with ceramic filterand back-purge, for flying ash type flue gases
  • Quartz glass wool filter for acid mist flue gases, Heated gas sampling probe model HD-GW,
  • Unheated gas sampling probe model LD, for cleancombustions, using in-situ sintered metal filter
  • O2 (Oxygen): 0 - 25 %
  • CO2 (Carbon dioxide): 0 - 40 %
  • CO (Carbon monoxide): 0 - 10000 ppm
  • NO (Nitric oxide): 0 - 4000 ppm
  • NO2 (Nitrogen dioxide): 0 – 1000 ppm
  • SO2 (Sulfur dioxide): 0 – 4000 ppm

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