SWG 200-1 Process Gas Analyzer


The SWG 200-1 Process Gas Analyzer is a cost-effective analysis technology in a compact design. In fact, the Stationary Gas Analyzer SWG 200-1 is a modular analytical system for controlling technological processes and monitoring emissions of toxic gases into the atmosphere from sources of constant atmospheric pollution; such as large boiler plants, thermal power plants and industrial enterprises.

Furthermore, The SWG 200-1 Process Gas Analyzer can use infrared modules and electrochemical sensors. In addition, the MRU Instruments SWG 200 Gas Analyzer offers a wide variety of features that distinguish this quality product.

Features of SWG 200-1

  • Optimized NDIR technology without zero offest and with improved accuracy
  • O2 measurement with an electrochemical or a paramagnetic sensor
  • Automatic zeroing using clean ambient air
  • Automatic calibration for up until 4 gas cylinders
  • Double stage Peltier gas cooler with two automatic condensate pumps
  • Cold and dry gas sampling with low sample flow
  • Measurement of up to 9 gases simultaneously
  • NO2 / CO2 / SO / NO / CO / CH4 / C3H8/ N2O (NDIR)
  • O2 via electrochemical of paramagnetic
  • Up to 4 sampling points with one gas analyzer
  • Automatic calibration from reference gases

At last, the stationary flue gas analyzer SWG 200-1 is the ideal cost-effective solution for continuous monitoring of multiple gases in various measuring ranges.

In brief, the SWG 200-1 is a cost effective and reliable system for emission and combustion monitoring. Also, the flue gas analysis system SWG200-CEM is suitable different industries including:

  • Landfill gas and biogas CHP’s
  • Methane and natural gas boilers
  • Bagasse and biomass boilers
  • Diesel gensets and biomass boilers
  • Flue gas, stack gas and exhaust gas emission sites of relatively clean combustion sites
  • And many other industries

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