Precision Temperature Meter TM2000

Precision Temperature Meter TM2000

The Temperature Meter TM2000 is a precision temperature meter which can connect to standard platinum resistor. In fact, Zoglab Temperature Meter TM2000 supports two channels of PT100 or PT25, and its temperature resolution can get to 0.1 mK (0.0001℃).

Moreover, Precision Thermometer TM2000 is provided with a high-bright display. Actually, it’s so clear that you can even have effective readings under the sunshine.

Furthermore, highly accurate Thermometer TM2000 is equipped with an inbuilt battery that can work unceasingly for more than 12 hours. Besides, it’s easy to operate and benefits from a humanized design.

Technical Specifications of Temperature Meter TM2000

  • Temperature Measuring range: -189℃ ~ 960℃
  • Temperature Resolution: 0.001℃ (could go to 0.0001℃)
  • Temperature Accuracy: ±0.005℃ (Host machine), ±0.005℃ (PT25 first class), ±0.01℃ (PT25 second class)
  • Measuring range of the resistor: 0Ω ~ 400Ω
  • Resolution of the resistor: 0.0001Ω
  • Measuring accuracy of the resistor:  ±0.0005Ω (0Ω ~ 20Ω),±25ppm (20Ω ~ 400Ω)

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