TOM 420 – R Combustion Optimization System


The TOM 420 – R Combustion Optimization System is able to carry out In-situ O2 monitor. In addition, the TOM 420 R is an inexpensive probe; which has heated ZrO2 sensor for dusty or clean combustion.

The TOM 420 R Combustion Optimization System uses the flow guidance (hollow) tube without or with back-purge and various lengths.

Furthermore, the unit offers a large number of advantages and features such as:

  • In-Situ real time analysis of Oxygen (O2)
  • Remote transmitter probe
  • In-situ O2 monitor

Moreover, it is also available in a special version for high temperatures or for extreme applications, with high levels of dust and soot (biomass plants).

Features of TOM 420 – R

  • Easy access to sensor for fast and simple service
  • BASIC IN-SITU combustion optimization monitor
  • Stable and long-life Zirconium sensor
  • Real time O2 measurements

Technical Specifications

  • Measuring range:  0.1 to 25.0 % Vol.-% O2
  • Accuracy O2:  ±0.2 % or ± 5 % of reading, whichever is larger
  • Power supply: 18 to 24 Vdc (for model OMS 420), 90 to 100 W
  • Ambient temperature -70 °F to 130 °F

At last, the MRU Instruments up to the minute device offers the following basics. Stainless steel flange DN65 (DN80 or ANSI 150 or others upon regquest) w/ 9.84 inch or longer sampling tube; and the probe is made up of field replaceable O2 – Transmitter TOM420R.

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