Triaxial Vibration Transducer SPM

SPM Triaxial vibration transducer

The Triaxial Vibration Transducer by SPM Instruments is a high-impact, robust, low-noise accelerator with broad frequency response (X and Y axis 2-7000 Hz, and Z-axis 2-10 000 Hz).

Moreover, other that being hermetically sealed, SPM Triaxial Vibration Transducer has ESD and EMI/RFI protection; and is equipped with a versatile M12 connector.

Furthermore, this Triaxial Vibration Transducer has a sensitivity of 100 mV/g and offers an operating temperature range of −50°C to 120°C.

Also, you can use the Triaxial SPM Vibration Transducer for three-channel measurement with the portable instrument Leonova Diamond.

Technical Specifications of Triaxial Vibration Transducer

Since Triaxial SPM Vibration Transducer is designed for both permanent-mount and route-based applications; the triaxial accelerometer has 3 general-purpose, 100 mV/g vibration sensors (±10% sensitivity tolerance).

In addition, Triaxial SPM Vibration Transducer features an external casing in a thick shell for high resistance to impact; and as mentioned earlier a versatile M12 connector.

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