Ultrasonic Homogenizer LX100UH


As a digital control device, the Ultrasonic Homogenizer LX100UH controls and monitors ultrasonic output parameters.

Furthermore, continual work mode helps in repeated contaminant filtration. In addition, intermittent work mode prevents the unit from accumulation of uncontrolled heat in the liquid.

Also, to adjust the minutes and seconds, there is a time setting key. Moreover, the insulated enclosure decreases the amount of noise level.

Besides, Ultrasonic Homogenizer LX100UH offers safety features such as over temperature detection and overheating protection lamp for end user safety.

Equally important, the Labdex up to the minute Ultrasonic Homogenizer has an extensive range of features and advantages that distinguish this quality product.

Features of LX100UH

  • Availability of different sizes of transducer
  • Zirconium-titanium acid barium piezoelectric vibrator
  • Automated power-off
  • Number input button
  • Adjustable amplitude output
  • Adjustable knob (maximum intensity)
  • Output frequency tracking fine-tuning hole
  • Probe diameter button (ultrasonic output intensity)
  • Duty cycle set button (time setting keys and mode pulse)

At last, the Ultrasonic Homogenizer LX100UH offers services in different fields. For instance, it is mainly used in microbiology, biochemistry, drug chemistry, physics, surface chemistry, zoology, pharmacy and medicine.

Also, you may use it for cell disruption, ultrasonic cell grinding and dispersion of nanoparticles.

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