-86 °C Cascade System Upright Freezer CUQ 6662


The -86 °C Cascade System Upright Freezer CUQ 6662 is a micro computer controlled Stand Up Freezer in which the volume is 588 L. In fact the Ultra Cool Freezer CUQ 6662 has a digital temperature display and a dual cascade system.

Furthermore, the Ultra Cool Freezer CUQ 6662 has a dual layer foamed design; which minimize the building up of frosts on the small door frame. Also the Laboquest Upright Freezer CUQ 6662 features a door lock design that prevents undesired access using an audio visual alert; as a system alert.

Equally important, same as the Upright Freezer CUQ 6661; the CUQ 6662 Standup Freezer offers a lot of features and advantages that distinguish this quality product.

Features of CUQ 6662 Standup Freezer

  • Microprocessor controlled system and a digital display
  • Many Safety features
  • Dual testing hole
  • An easy-removable inner door
  • Reserved position and port for chart recorder
  • Lockable and Password protected keyboard
  • Door lock design which prevents the freezer from unwanted access
  • Removal condenser cover for a simple and easy installation
  • Mixed refrigerant for the fastest cooling
  • Dual layer foamed door which guarantees minimum frosting

In addition, the -86 °C Cascade System Upright Freezer CUQ 6662 features a wide range of safety features; including power failure for 72 hours, low battery, high-low temperature and controller error.

Besides, you may use the Standup Freezer CUQ 6662 for long-term preserving of germs, virus, biological tissues, vaccines; medicines, organs and reagents.

Specifically, the Upright Freezer CUQ 6662 is an example of ultra cool freezers that are essential to the Covid vaccine distribution model. Because the CUQ 6662 Ultra Cool Freezer is capable of going down to -86 °C (-122 Fahrenheit).

The unique aspect of CUQ 6662 Ultra Cool Freezer is that, outside of the large outer door, they also have  smaller inner doors.

Moreover, the fun fact is that, on average at the south pole during the middle of winter is around -50 °C; and so the Pfizer vaccine will be stored at -70 °C; that is why the CUQ 6662 Ultra Cool Freezer is quite colder than the south pole in the middle of winter!

Technical Specifications

  • Capacity: 588 L
  • Temperature range: – 60 °C to -86 °C
  • Power: 1540 W
  • Inner dimension: 606 x 738 x 1310 mm
  • Shelves: 3

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