VEGA78 Power Quality and Energy Analyzer


The VEGA78 is a Single-Phase and Three-Phase Energy Consumption and Power Quality analyzer.

To illustrate, the VEGA78 Power Quality Analyzer let you carry out the analysis of all electric parameters; and also allow you to elaborate them quickly and easily.

Thanks to the new color touchscreen display with icon menu style; the VEGA78 meter can be easily programmed. In other words it ensures the selection of internal parameters in an intuitive and simple way.

Moreover, using the Windows system user which is widely known as typical tree structure, each internal parameter is easily reached.

Also, the VEGA78 Analyser allows displaying the parameters in graphic and numerical mode; both for harmonic and periodical analysis.

Besides, the graphic function “vector diagram” let you evaluate the phase angle between current signals and input voltage immediately; which leads to defining the loads’ nature.

Equally important, the 15 MB internal memory of the VEGA78 Analyzer allows saving of recorded data for a large number of consecutive days.

Furthermore, the HT Instruments VEGA78 Power Quality and Energy Analyzer offers a wide variety of features.

Features of VEGA 78

  • Protection password on recording
  • Context help active on each screen
  • USB port for data download onto Pen Drive
  • Auto power off
  • Power supply and rechargeable battery recharging
  • Touchscreen color display
  • Measurement with use of external TA and TV (with an optional accessory HT903)
  • Voltage/current vector diagram
  • Voltage/current waveforms
  • Summary table of main electric parameters
  • Saving instant sampled values
  • Default and custom recordings
  • External compact flash card (optional)
  • Indication of recording duration
  • Neutral current/Ground Voltage
  • Phase sequence
  • Active, reactive, apparent power/energy and DC power
  • Voltage unbalance (NEG%, ZERO%)
  • Cosphi, Power Factor

At last, compared to PQA820, the VEGA78 meter is able to measure current up to 3000 A and voltage up to 1000 V. Of course, the Help online function which is available on each screen can help the operators to understand how the devices can be used.

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