Wind Direction Sensor WDS100

Wind Direction Sensor WDS100

The Wind Direction Sensor WDS100 benefits from a modern magnetic induction design for detecting the angle of wind direction. In fact, Zoglab Wind Direction Sensor WDS100 can be extensively used in agriculture, meteorology, airports and oceans. Also, you may use it for environmental purposes.

Moreover, through RS485 or 7-bit Gray code, or 0 ~ 5V analog output, the output signal can be directly connected to the data acquisition system.

Furthermore, WDS100 Wind Direction Sensor is compact and delicate. It has robust wind cups, efficient heating method and a unique aero-cone design. That’s why, Zoglab WSS100 is suitable for all types of harsh environments.

Technical Specifications of Zoglab WDS100

  • Measuring range: 0 ~ 360°(at wind speed 0.5 ~ 65 m/s)
  • Accuracy: Better than ± 2 ° (RS485),  Better than± 2 ° (0-5V analog output), Better than ± 3 ° (7-bit Gray code output)
  • Operating temperature when heating:  -50 ~ 55 °C (-58 ~1 31 °F)

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