Wind Tunnel 818065-E


Wind tunnels are machines which provide a prevailing air stream in a horizontal or vertical flow.  A pioneering company in Germany named Westenberg Engineering offers an extensive range of up to the minute wind tunnels.

Wind Tunnel 818065-E is almost similar to Wind Tunnel 818030-E. The distinguishing difference is that the Length of working section in 818065-E is smaller. But the maximum of flow speed, as well as the contraction ratio is higher.

To find the wind tunnel that better suits your needs; you may take a look at the technical data of Westenberg’s Wind Tunnel 818065-E and compare it with Wind Tunnel 818030-E and Wind Tunnel 818020-F.

Technical specifications of Wind Tunnel 818065-E:

  • Length of working section: 240 mm
  • Diameter of jet outlet: 180 mm
  • Contraction ratio: 8
  • Turbulence ratio at 20 m/s: 0.5 % to 0.8 %
  • Flow speed:3 m/s to 65 m/s
  • Fan connection: 400 V / 50 Hz (other frequencies and voltages are possible on demand)
  • Dimensions (Width x Height x Length): 900 x 1510 x 4450 mm
  • Motor output:5 kW

Since wind tunnels study the external aerodynamics and internal flows; they can be used in testing and development of products. For example, in the automotive industry, you may use wind tunnels to develop aerodynamic designs.

240 mm

180 mm


0.5 % to 0.8 % (at 20 m/s)

Flow speed: 3 m/s to 65 m/s

400 V / 50 Hz (other frequencies and voltages are possible on demand)

900 x 1510 x 4450 mm

5 kW

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