Wireless Data Logger System HD35


Wireless Data Logger System HD35 makes it possible for you to monitor a large number of physical quantities in the most diverse fields of application: Humidity, Temperature, Illuminance, Atmospheric & Differential Pressure, Irradiance UVA, UVB, UVC, CO, CO2, Wind Speed & Wind Direction, Solar radiation, Precipitation, Volumetric soil water content, Leaf wetness, WBGT, Level.

The Deltaohm Wireless Data Logger System HD35 is a series of wireless data logging system consists of:

  • One or more Wireless Data Logging System of the Deltaohm HD35ED series which acquire values by inbuild or external sensors. The data can be transmitted via radio to the receiving unit (Access point/Base unit), it is also stored in the internal memory of the wireless data logging system. Most of Deltaohm HD35ED are powered by means of a battery.
  • A Deltaohm HD35AP base unit (Access Point) which receives the values from all Deltaohm HD35ED devices and send them to the PC. The Deltaohm HD35AP has an internal buffer battery, and it must be powered from the outside by connecting it to the PC USB port or an appropriate power supply (optional).
  • Software HD35AP-S which must be installed on the PC. In fact, Software HD35AP-S makes it possible to visualize and download the data, insert it in a datasheet, and configure the system. You can free download the Software HD35AP-S here.

Deltaohm provides Wireless Dataloggers which have integrated sensors, as well as Wireless Dataloggers which are equipped with external probes. These probes can be connected M12 connectors. Also, using terminal inputs you can connect the following items to the Wireless Dataloggers:

  • Transmitters with 4÷20 mA or 0÷20 mA current output, and 0÷1 V or 0÷10 V or 0÷50 mV output.
  • Thermocouples type K, J, T, N, E, and Pt1000 / Pt100 temperature sensors
  • Sensors with dry contact or potentiometric output

Wireless Data Logger System HD35 consists of the following components:

  • HD35AP… base units
  • HD35ED… series of dataloggers
  • HD35RE… repeaters
  • HD35ED-ALM remote alarm device

Typical Applications:

  • Food and Warehouses
  • Museums, Buildings and Public places
  • Air Conditioning
  • Pharmaceutical, Medical Laboratories, Clean Rooms
  • Agriculture and Greenhouses
  • Meteorology and Hydrology
  • Renewable Energy
  • Industrial Processes

The Wireless Datalogger HD35 can have a maximum of 255 devices (including the repeaters and base unit). Each device is identified by its own unique address. Installation of the Deltaohm HD35 is extremely simple and fast, thanks its wireless transmission.

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