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Our services in this area for acoustic and vibration include:

  • Architectural Acoustics
  • Environmental Noise Control
  • Industrial Noise Control

Upcoming In-Person Workshop in Toronto, October 2022!

Partial discharge is one of the first indicators of an upcoming failure in electrical powers system components. In fact, detecting partial discharges at an early stage enables proactive maintenance; and reduces the risk of catastrophic failures and expensive interruptions in the supply of power.

All major power supply components such as transformers, generators, cables, and switchgear need to be kept in perfect operating condition. In other words, their insulation must be able to withstand high voltage stresses. Therefore, it is crucial that its condition can be verified throughout its lifecycle.

When a partial discharge occurs, it emits a sound. The NL Acoustic Camera will automatically pick up and recognize this sound when it is not audible to the human air.

The NL Acoustic Camera will then show the location of the partial discharge on the screen. Also, by analyzing the sound from the partial discharge; the NL Acoustic Camera will show the phase resolved partial discharge pattern or the PRPD, determines partial discharge severity, and suggests recommended actions.

If you are interested in our partial discharge detection and analysis via the stand-alone NL Acoustic P001 Camera, join us in our in-person workshop!

partial discharge detection