SPM HD on Low Speed Machinery in Paper Production

SPM HD on Low Speed Machinery in Paper Production

Ortviken Paper Mill owned by SCA and located in Sweden is equipped with four paper machines. It has an annual production capacity of 850.000 tons in producing publication papers, LWC and newsprint.

Ortviken has used SPM HD Technologies for Condition Monitoring for solving bearing-related breakdowns on low-RPM machinery like the twin wire presses (used for dewatering of pulp) problems for years.

Twin wire presses which normally running at 6 to 15 rpm were monitored. In fact, there were other monitoring systems which were previously installed in the mill; but none of them could provide a dependable method for detecting bearing damage and wear. That’s why Ortviken had to carry out bearing replacements together with time-based maintenance.

To illustrate, the absence of reliable bearing condition information may result in dismounting of the wrong bearings and thus lead to breakdowns on other bearings in worse condition.

In the summer of 2010, Ortviken installed SPM Intellinova Standard Online Condition Monitoring System (and using SPM HD Technologies for Condition Monitoring) on four Andritz twin wire presses. Six bearing damages have been successfully identified after a short period of system calibration. And, after carrying some planned stops the bearings have been replaced.

SPM HD on Low Speed Machinery in Paper Production

Actually, examining replaced bearings confirmed that SPM HD measuring technique does show the correct type of bearing damage. And, thanks to the correct indication of bearing damage, bearing replacement costs are reduced significantly.

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