AstraZeneca Secures Operation of Production-Critical Fans

AstraZeneca Secures Operation of Production-Critical Fans

AstraZeneca (Swedish biopharmaceutical company) has invested in SPM Intellinova Compact Online System to monitor the lubrication status and also mechanical condition of several production-critical fans in its plants. Thirty different pharmaceuticals are manufactured for more than one hundred markets at Campus AstraZeneca Södertälje. The focus in Snäckviken is inhalation, spray, and liquid drug products; while ...


Is Your IR Thermometer Reliable?

As we all know, it is useful to monitor your body temperature in case of infection with Coronavirus, whether this disease is only suspected or proven. In fact, during the Coronavirus pandemic, the use of instruments for measuring body temperature is constantly increasing. Therefore, thermal imaging cameras and IR thermometers of different types and sizes are ...

3D-audio-experience-3D audio

3D audio experience – A Hack of your brain

The transition from stereophony to 3D audio is likely to change our habits. Have you ever heard about 3D sound?

corona virus-conspiracy-laboratory-lab

Corona virus created in lab … Is it true?

There is no dearth of conspiracy theories flying around about the origins of the corona virus pandemic, from reckless speculation in news report to silly nonsense spread by social media.

laboratory Equipment for Coronavirus - COVID-19

Laboratory Equipment for Coronavirus Vaccine Project

As everybody knows, the race for the Covid-19 vaccine is launched. and there are challenges for providing laboratory equipment.