Noise Pollution


The New Noise Regulations Are Here!

Do you have high-intensity noise in your workplace? If so, you’re probably affected by the new regulations coming into force this month. To help you comply, we present an overview of the changes and the CNESST resources available. IN SUMMARY The new regulations come into force on June 16, 2023. It will affect all workplaces ...

Noisy Industrial Machines and How to Quiet Them!

Noisy Industrial Machines and How to Quiet Them!

If industrial machines need to be extra quiet, the use of acoustic cameras can provide the needed support. Machines that work with aluminum are in an acoustic world of their own. For instance, the cavities in the aluminum profiles sometimes increase vibrations in a unique way: the generated sounds are clearly audible, but it is ...


Your Acoustic Camera is Your Ultrasmart Assistant!

Finding the exact source of disruptive noise in buildings can be very difficult. That’s why, building acoustic experts and construction engineers are getting help from acoustic cameras. In fact, sound is a deceiver! Although, it is simple for human beings to perceive it, it’s really hard to pinpoint its exact origin. In other words, the ...

Cost-Effective Acoustic Cameras Use Coherence Scanning Holography

Cost-Effective Acoustic Cameras Use Coherence Scanning Holography

CSH or Coherence Scanning Holography is a patented method which is developed by Seven Bel. In Seven Bel acoustic cameras which are named as “Sound Scanner“, sound imaging is done based on audio data captured with moving microphones. This novel method is fundamentally different than the method of beamforming which is used in conventional acoustic ...

Sound-Scanner-P50 acoustic camera

Acoustic Camera: All You Need To Know

All the companies desire to provide customers with the best products. Having said that, they must comply with legal requirements, and keep an eye on employee health as well. However, disturbing noise on company premises and products pose an obstacle in trying to achieve so. How can we prevent this? Noise reduction and noise protection ...

How Acoustic Equipment made a difference at the Olympics

How Acoustic Equipment Made a Difference at the Winter Olympics

During the Winter Olympics which was held in Beijing in 2022, the spotlight was constantly on the athletes and their exceptional performances. People from all over the world were watching the competitions either television or the Internet. Other than sporting achievements, the spectators would also appreciated when the commentators provided some clearly understandable and interesting ...


Noise Pollution Effects on Children

The results of a recent study confirms the need for strong policy and decisive action to protect children from the harmful effects of noise pollution. It has long been known that noise can influence learning in children. Significant funding has been earmarked for the European LIFE QUALITY program to further research in this area. The ...